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The Greatest Results Come From A First-rate Plan

Our Seamless Work Process Involves You Every Step Of The Way

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At Reber Build, we’ve perfected our working process based on years of experience and fine-tuning the best practices and methodologies for the most satisfactory results. We believe strongly in the power of planning and clear communication, and our 5-step process works superbly on all jobs, from decking construction to pool fencing, home alterations, or even bespoke renovations and new builds. We understand that homeowners can become easily overwhelmed by a construction project, which is why we involve you in our process and aim to make the experience as relaxing and enjoyable as possible, answering all your questions along the way. We also know that sometimes unforeseen events may occur, such as inclement weather or supply shortages, which is why we work strategically to be able to remain productive no matter what challenges we may face during the process. Whatever your requirements, whatever your budget and whatever your time frame might be, you can rely on Reber Build to remain goal-oriented and solutions-focused.

Eager to know how we can bring your ideas to reality? Here’s how:

01. Planning

With a clear roadmap in place, the possibilities are endless and you can expect better than average results:
  • A one-on-one consultation to understand your vision
  • Not sure what you want? We can provide inspiration
  • We’ll come up with a detailed plan that covers everything from timeframe to disaster management

02. Review

We are proactive in carefully reviewing your plan and budget to ensure a smooth process and to allow you to make changes before work begins
  • Finding cost-effective solutions to stay well within your budget
  • Confirming supplier availability at the specified time
  • Meticulous review of logistical details and resolving potential issues before they become serious problems

03. Design & Documentation

We can assist you throughout your design process and submission of building plans to relevant authorities for approval.
  • We cooperate with you to finalise a design you love
  • We advise you on how best to utilise your space
  • Solutions that are compliant, practical and aesthetic all in one

04. Construction

As a licensed construction company in Auckland, we’ll take on your construction with ease and confidence, delivering precisely to your brief.
  • Highly ethical and dependable construction work
  • Trained, experienced home renovation contractors, deck builders and retaining wall specialists
  • We’ll inform you immediately of any problems or projected delays

05. Finishing

At Reber Build, we take pride in a perfect finish and will only down our tools once you are happy with the job.
  • Post-construction clean-up
  • Meticulous finishing touches to interior and exterior
  • Customer satisfaction is priority